Our architect dream

When Louis Cloete Sr. created the respected firm of architects that carry his name, he dreamed of a world in which great architectural design can enhance people’s lives and coexistence by marrying form and function in seamless unity.

But as much as this 51-year-old firm understands the necessity of combining function and art, Louis Cloete Incorporated (LCI) has always ensured that function itself is never compromised for artistry alone.

Buildings and the environment in which they appear have to live harmoniously together, creating living and working spaces for people to arrive, connect and depart within a realm of possibility.

Architecture, town planning, landscaping and the environment thus synchronizes to motivate people to come together, live together and work together and when they depart, this synchronicity compels them to be reminded of their human experiences within a harmonious world.

This is our dream and with our professional assistance, we can make this dream come true. For you.

Our history

LCI was established in Pretoria in January 1961 by Louis Martin Cloete. After completing his studies as an architect, he identified the need and opportunities for a firm directed towards specific areas of expertise. He also qualified as a town- and regional planner, as well as becoming landscape architect.

Over the last 51 years LCI has grown into a multi-disciplinary professional service provider built on the foundations of tradition, expertise, experience and competition.

The company today consists of a core of 10 people. LCI also has a network of close associations with various other consultants and is able to service a wide range of projects ranging in size and complexity.

LCI is actively involved with the rendering of architectural services as a community service to previously disadvantaged communities.